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Ridgway YMCA Cheer Xplosion was started in 2001. The first year Cheer Xplosion had 30 girls, one squad and two coaches. It was quickly realized by the YMCA that Cheer Xplosion was a program that was here to stay. This youth squad turned in outstanding performances and brought home many trophies.

By 2005 the YMCA added another squad to the list. This time it was a senior squad. This squad started out with 15 girls but has grown to close to 30 girls. Their outstanding mounts, stunts and gymnastics ability has made them a powerful squad. They have competed all over the state of Pennsylvania bringing home many trophies and awards. In 2007 the YMCA added one more squad, a mini squad. A total of 16 girls represent this squad. The cuteness was brought back to the sport of cheerleading through this squad. Our caring and understanding coaches have made this a very successful squad. Through the years our youth squad became our junior squad and then our senior squad. As we continue our Cheer Xplosion journey, we look forward to watching the cute little mini's become the strong powerful seniors like the one we have today.

We have 6 great coaches that work with these out standing girls on a weekly basis; focusing on tumbling, stunting, cheers and chants. Each year we seem to out do the year before. Constantly moving forward, adding more difficulty, and picking up more competitions.

The Ridgway YMCA takes pride in being able to offer these programs to the youth in our community and the communities around us. These are not just Ridgway based cheerleaders; we have cheerleaders from Johnsonburg and Kersey too! We try to work around everyone's schedule and are focused on having "a whole lot of fun!"

For more information on becoming a Ridgway YMCA Cheer Xplosion competition cheerleader…..call the YMCA front desk.