Firming & Toning Circuit

A fun and very beneficial aerobic/strength training class for the intermediate at heart.

A fun and very beneficial aerobic/strength training and cardiovascular class for the intermediate at heart. The class is taught by verbal directions and is accompanied by music to make it even more fun for all participants. We start with warming up and stretching exercises. Then we continue by concentrating on the cardiovascular workout portion of the class, followed by strength training, firming and toning your body. Tools used in these workouts will vary from a palate ball, barbells, weight sticks, and resistance bands. Using these tools will aid in the firming, toning and strengthening various parts of your body as well as strengthening ones core. Balance is also addressed in our class by simple procedures that can be done by all fitness levels. A final stretch, cool down, and relaxation exercise will complete the one hour class. Come join us and become a healthier you!

  • Carol Olson

    Toning & Strengthening, SilverSneakers™, instructing since 2007

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    SilverSneakers™, Toning & Strengthening
    Offering fitness courses using exercise equipment to utilize full body fitness for the past nine years



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    Firming & Toning Circuit
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    • Firming & Toning Circuit
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PLEASE NOTE: Our facility and fitness classes require CLEAN SHOES. Clean shoes are not just new shoes, but shoes that have never been worn outside. Walking across the parking lot drags in tar, stones, dirt, snow, and salt.

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