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The YMCA continues to impact lives, and with your help, the YMCA always will.

The tree is the symbol of our endowment program. It takes many years for a tree to mature. Like a tree, solid endowments start with a planted seed and often take two or more generations to reach full strength and maturity. Like a tree, the YMCA needs strong roots to survive storms that lie ahead.

Giving is as individual as you.

The determination to make a charitable gift is an expression of cherished values and priorities. The YMCA recognizes that no two donors or no two gifts are alike in their aspirations and motivations. Through a deliberate and thoughtful process, the YMCA will work with you and/or your advisors to create a giving opportunity that speaks to you and your family’s unique desires.

The YMCA takes seriously the trust our donors place in us. Gifts to the Endowment program are kept in perpetuity and invested to generate income that is used to further the work of the YMCA. How a particular donor chooses to make a gift varies. Whether an immediate or planned gift, all that is necessary is a commitment to benefit the YMCA Endowment. To insure your gift is in keeping with your estate and financial needs, the YMCA encourages donors to discuss contributions with their family legal/and or financial advisors.

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